‘Rallegnaget’ is the winner of Gothia eCup - Gothia Cup

‘Rallegnaget’ is the winner of Gothia eCup

The playoff of Gothia eCup was played during Thursday night at Lisebergshallen. And it was the preliminary favorite, Rasmus ‘Rallegnaget’ Nyström who, in a comfortable way won the historical and first edition of Gothia eCup. 

The eight finalists of Gothia eCup had taken place at Lisebergshallen for the big final of Gothia eCup. Seven finalists knew already weeks ago that they would compete in the final, but the eight person was decided this week at Gothia eCups ‘Training area’ by winning a tournament and received a Wildcard at Heden Center.

After the quarter final and semifinal were played was it time for the final were Rasmus Nyström from the Playstation pot faced Emil Roos from Xbox pot.

The final was played in best of two matches, one on each console. If the players should have won one each, the goal difference had to decide a winner. But this wasn’t anything that had to be used since Rasmus Nyström showed strength by winning the first game 3–0 and play 3–3 in the second game. With the total score of 6–3 became Rasmus the first winner ever of Gothia eCup.

“It feels amazing, I’m so happy and I don’t know what to say right now. I didn’t play any Fifa for one week before coming here, says Rasmus ‘Rallegnaget’ Nyström.

The finals at Lisebergshallen were broadcasted live at Twitch and during the evening it was a total number of 30 000 spectators with 1 500 spectators in the last final game.

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