Let the game begin! - Gothia Cup

Let the game begin!

It’s the time of year again. When the whole Ullevi is filled with singing, dancing, joy, memories and hope. When the entire arena is crumbling by tens of thousands of people who want to contribute to the magic atmosphere during the Gothia Cup opening ceremony.

It’s just in this moment that the winning bowls are laid aside and players, coaches, teams and spectators may enjoy feeling a community that only the Gothia Cup opening ceremony can create. The evening began with a fierce flag number that put the stamp on the whole opening ceremony. All 80 nations, 1,728 teams and about 50,000 spectators united and gathered.

The show continued with Kim Källström marching into the arena along with representatives of the Kim Källström Trophy. A presentation continued by all participating countries that represented their respective cultures. A flagship, music from around the world and a show of the diversity that the Gothia Cup means.

When the darkness began to fall, Laleh’s “Goliath” echoed across Gothenburg, as all 150 dancers dressed in white were spread over the green plan. “We’ll take over the world, we’ll be big, we’ll be powerful …” and hopefully all thousands of people carry that feeling from Ullevi tonight and keep it all week here in Gothenburg.

The Gothia Cup Eeden was read on Gothia Cup’s six biggest languages. The Eden reading ended with the cup declared announced and the audience stood up and held each other, while the official Gothia song “Better together” was played in the speakers. For Gothia Cup’s Secretary General Dennis Andersson, the opening night was an euphoria of its own kind.

– To see 35,000 young people radiate such joy makes the whole body filled with happiness. It became an evening in true Gothia Cup spirit, where football united the world over all boundaries, said Dennis Andersson.

The ceremony ended with the classic fireworks that are always as powerful, how many times you have seen it. Even though the matches started already at 08.00 on Monday morning, it is necessary to open the Gothia Cup to get started.

– This time together, giving back all the energy we spent during a whole year of preparation. Seeing so many people, so many cultures, meet in the football name – that’s when I realize why I love working with the Gothia Cup, says Dennis Andersson.


Let the game begin!


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