KFV Segeberg – The first winners of Gothia Cup 2017 - Gothia Cup

KFV Segeberg – The first winners of Gothia Cup 2017

KFV Segeberg (G11) are the first winners of Gothia Cup 2017 and also the first winners of Girls 11-category which was introduced for the first time. KFV Segeberg won comfortable by 5–0. However, it was an exciting an open game were Saltsjöbaden IFs hit the post and cross bar twice. 

It was a speedy opening of the first final at Gamla Ullevi between Saltjöbadens IF and KFV Segeberg from Germany.  After 45 seconds Saltjöbadens IF already manage to hit the post and the cross bar. They continued to keep a big pressure on the Germans, were the both teams had massive support from the stands.

Saltjöbaden was getting closer to the opening goal with another hit in the post after 12 minutes from Saltsjöbaden.

KFV Segeberg also creating chances and hitting post and the cross bar in the same attack.

It was clearly that the goalkeepers in both teams had their ‘best friends’ on their side in the first half of the game. A lot of chances in the first half but still goalless in the thrilling final.

The second half way started in the same way as the first half but this time the crowd also got to experience the first goal of the day and it was KFV Segebergs Emily Scheifer who scored the opening goal. Just a minute after the first goal KFV extended their lead with a nice goal from Kaja Kienitz. When KFV Segeberg also scored 3–0 and 4–0 within one minute, it seemed like the trophy was heading to Germany.

Saltsjöbaden tried to reduce the Germans lead but Annieke Reuter in the goal was showing from her best side this final. ”

” It feels good, it was a great play and fair play. We are a good team and I’m happy. We are going to celebrate with a dinner”, says Lioa Baum, defender in KFV Segeberg.

KFV Segeberg also scored a fifth goal and could put their hands on the trophy.

Congratulations KFV Segeberg and also a big hand to Saltsjöbadens IF

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