J-L Juniors skill could not fool Eskilsminne IF - Gothia Cup

J-L Juniors skill could not fool Eskilsminne IF

The last group game match in B15 Group 1 was played at the SKF arena on Wednesday morning. It was a rewarded meeting where the group winner would be decided between J-L Juniors and Eskilsminne IF.

J-L Juniors from Japan is a academy form Tokyo who travels 8500 kilometers each year to play the Gothia Cup. The team usually sets up in the age classes B14 and B15 and has often advanced to the final game matches. With two won group game matches, the third and last were played today. What seemed to go the way for the Japanese was going to be a slight contradiction.

Initial first half, J-L Juniors had a great deal of both possession and goal chances. Eskilsminne IF responded with a strong defensive backing and J-L was struggling to break through.

It was not until match minute 23, Eskilsminne got a counterattack and could put 1-0, which also became the final result.

J-L Juniors team captain says that the match against Eskilsminne was a tough match, both mentally and physically.

– Now we have a 64th finale and reload and I hope we win out of that match.

J-L Juniors playoffs will start this afternoon when they meet Kisumu Central Soccer Kids from Kenya at 16.20 at Slottskogsvallen.

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