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IFK Norrköping started with a win

IFK Norrköping took a crucial win in B17 Tipselit Trophy Category when they defeated ACBB Paris (1–0). With five minutes remaining could Pontus Lindgren score the game winning goal, after a beautiful assist from Buster Bloss.
” It was a closed game with a lot of challenges” says Buster. 

Norrköping was sometimes in the game compacted but could solve the hard attacks from the french team. Further into the game, Norrköping also managed to create som scoring chances. The goal was a absolutely a beauty when Buster Blosse stayed with the ball, made a turn and assisted Pontus Lindgren with a pass that med the goal empty.

” I thought that I would go around the goalkeeper, but the ball came to far from my feet. I turned around instead and put Pontus in a better opportunity” says Buster.

Buster Blosse played TipsElit Trophy already last year thinks that is great to get a new chance this year.

“Last year I was pretty nervous, but its good to have experience from it. I think that I have a little bit more time now with the ball. We got a new coach this year and I got a new position, I play more like a winger now”, says Buster Blosse.

What do you think about this years TipselitTrophy, how car can you gou?

“I want to win everything”.

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