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Gothia eCup is ready for playoffs

The seven contenders of Gothia eCup have qualified for the playoffs. The first round of the tournament was a success and we are now looking forward to the final event in Gothenburg, 20th of July.

Throughout the month, the EA Sports FIFA 17 tournament has been played online by Sweden youngsters all around the country. The tournament has been divided in four different qualification rounds. One round a week, and we can finally summarize the tournament and announce all the players that have reached the playoffs.

“It has been a very successful tournament. It’s a new platform for us, where over 4 000 FIFA matches have been played and reported. The results have exceeded our expectations”, Competition General Niclas Freiholtz says.

Seven participants of Gothia eCup can look forward to the playoffs in Lisebergshallen next week. In addition to the seven finalists, a ‘Wild Card’ to the final event in Lisebergshallen will be provided at Gothia eCup ‘Training Area’ at Heden Center during next week.

It will be eight players in the upcoming playoffs in Lisebergshallen, who are playing against each other. Finally, we will have two players (one from Xbox, one from PS4), who meet head to head in a big final (best of two games).

Emil Roos (Username:Ibzhaxxarn) is one of the finalists and he is looking forward to the playoffs.

“It was really funny to play this competition. An easy and accessible homepage that made it simple to play online games. My aim is to win the final” , Emil Roos says.

Niclas Freiholtz adds:
“The playoffs in Lisebergshallen will be epic. We will have a TV production with professional sports commentators and hopefully a lot of spectators in Lisebergshallen. It will be ‘first come, first served’ principle. If you not are able to go to Gothenburg and Lisebergshallen that day, a high quality live stream will be served to the spectators”.

“I like to play attacking football and I score a lot of goals. It use to be a lot of goals in my games, conceded and produced. I won the first fifteen games in the tournament and then I lost one. If I had lost my first game, I had given up and quit.”, Emil Roos says.

It is the first time that Gothia eCup is being arranged and the aim is to develop the digital tournament to the same level as Gothia Cup. To participate in this years Gothia eCup you need to be between 12–18 years old and a Swedish citizen.

“We already looking forward to the next year’s edition of Gothia eCup. In 2018 we will launch the tournament internationally, so the whole world can be a part of it. Gothia eCup wants to live throughout the year in the digital arena, with games being played 365 days a year. And finally we summarize the tournament with a big final event in Gothenburg during the Gothia Cup week”, Niclas Freiholtz says.


Gothia eCup – playoffs
When: Thursday 20th of july, 6.30–8.30 pm.
Where: Lisebergshallen.
Age: 12–18 år.

PS4: Rasmus Nyström (Rallegnaget), Tyresö; Hugo Wadell Edh (JsodraHugo); Jönköping; Simon Nystedt (Zimme), Fritsla, Antonio Sorrone (Sorrone), Malmö.
Xbox: Emil Roos (IbzxHaxxarn), Älmhult; Simon Serafin Kania (Chippenhagen), Askim; Olle Arbin (Ollelito), Frufällan.

Wild card: There is a chance to get a Wild Card and the final place to the playoffs if you are attending to and winning one of the competitions that Gothia eCup arrange at the “Training Area” at Heden Center.

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