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Dramatic penalty-end in G18!

Last final for tonight in the Gothia Cup final play was G18. One nation of Sweden vs Norway, Eskilsminne IF against Lyn Fotball.

Eskilsminne shot themselves for a dream start at the finale after 11 minutes of the first half. The goal came from number 16, Julia Nyberg Spets. A shot just outside the penalty area.

Two even teams with exciting contractions and tough matches, as a final should be. There was good speed in the legs of the girls and they fought for the ball.

A lot of balls in the air and back and forth on the two plane halves. The Norwegian girls showed a new launch when the second half was running. It was Lyn who took the lead and had a stallion at a corner and sharp assault that came to pass in match minut 45. Number 29, Runa Lillegård came past Eskilsminn’s defense and could put a wide side left of the goalkeeper.

Lyn continued to push high on Eskilsminne. The Norwegians had a chance to score but when the referee blew off, the result was 1-1, meaning penalties

One missed penalty from both after three rounds. It was a Friday night where you could take on nervousness. It was decided on sudden death. It was Lyn who drew the longest straw and won, when number 34, Adele Torvik Nilsen put in the ball.

“We are very relaxed of us so we took the penalty as a fun thing,” says Adele.

“I did not think so much without punishing me, and I did,” she continued, before she ran and cheated with her team.

Thanks Eskilsminne and Lyn for a thrilling and nervous match that ended in a dramatic penalty shootout. And congratulations Lightning Football to the G18 Gold!

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