Crucial win for Right To Dream - Gothia Cup

Crucial win for Right To Dream

Right To Dream are here for the first time with a team in the Girls classes. The successful academy from Ghana participates this year in Girls 17 -Category (Elite Trophy). On Tuesday, they had a crucial match after losing their first game yesterday.  RTD showed that they didn’t want to get eliminated yet, by winning 3–1. 

However, it was the danish girls who started best by scoring the first goal.

“We felt quite pressure in the first half, but we came in the second, everything was ok. We are trying to play our game and I think we did”, says Patience Kum, one of the players in Right To Dream.

Right To Dream had a lot of possession in the game but wasn’t finding the best scoring chances. As Patience says, the team came back much better in the second half and started to threaten the Viborg defense.

“In the second half we got some advice from the coaches I felt like I really wanted to win this game, and help my team”, says Suwaibatu Mohammed.

By scoring three goals in the second half, with the last goal in the last second, Right To Dream could take their first win in the tournament and they are now looking forward to the coming matches.

“If not can win the cup, we at least want to take the position that we felt that we have done a lot”, says Suwaibatu Mohammed.

Patience adds:

“Its a great achievement to be here (as the first Right To Dream girls team). We have a lot of talent in Ghana and if we just can get to facilities, who can allow us to express ourselves , then we can become a successful nation”

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