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A last minute goal brought the trophy to Corsica

The crowd at a sunny Gamla Ullevi got to experience a game winning goal in the last minute between the French teams Vincennes and Ajaccio (Boys 15). Ajaccio with the girl, Kenza Chapelle in the team scored on a corner kick in the last seconds of the game and could bring the trophy back home to Corsica. 

In the Boys 15 final, it was a French derby. CO Vincennes faced AC Ajaccio from Corsica. The team from Corsica had a talented girl in their team, named Kenza Chapelle. She has being accepted to French national academy in Paris this year.

The first ten minutes included a lot of challenges without that any team could take an advantage of the match. Later on Vincennes started to finding scoring chances. They created two opportunites but the goalkepper, Anton Bontempi showed his best skills.

Kenza Chapelle, who played on the left wing had the best chans for Ajaccio, when she was inches away from putting the ball in the net after a beautiful cross.

It was goalless after 30 minutes but the feeling was that the crowd could expected a goal in the second half.

The sunny weather  made it really hot at Gamla Ullevi and the tiredness of playing many games during the week showed its consequences. A lot of passes to the opponent and many counter attacks without success.

Vincennes were closes to get an opening goal after a shot from Maxence Pommeret. But the midfielder’s shot hit the post.

Vincennes would come even closer a couple of minutes later when Slimane Sanneh shot from 30 meters. The shot hit the cross bar and once again, Ajaccio were lucky.

The last ten minutes of the game was thrilling. Ajaccio scored a disallowed goal and a minute later Vincennes were really close to score a potential winning goal.

As the crowd was waiting for a penalty shootout, the winning goal came. And it was by AC Ajaccio. 30 seconds to go they got a corner. The ball got to a Ajaccio player who used his head and the ball was deflected by a Vincennes player. A game winning goal in the last seconds for Ajaccio and the happiness was real.

“We are really happy. We were aiming for the gold before the tournament and now we got it. We didn’t play well today but we succeeded, at last”, says Kenza Chapelle who has played with the boys team for the passed eight years.

” I interact really well with the boys and I think its really good. I’m used to it now, says Kenza and adds:

” I will play with the France academy in Paris during the week, and go back to Corsica on the weeknds to play with my team, says Kenza.

“We will cheer as much as the whole Gothenburg know about our triumph”,

Congratulations to AC Ajaccio and also a big hand to Vincennes for a well played tournament.

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