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Gothia Cup breaks record

Today it’s exactly one month until Gothia Cup. We look forward to a record tournament, with more participating nations than ever. 82 nations will come together in Gothenburg, 16–22 of July.

“It’s great to see the meeting place Gothia Cup, become even more international and we’re happy to welcome new nations and cultures to our beautiful city, Gothenburg”, says Niclas Freiholtz, Competition General.

The group stage in Gothia Cup 2017 is now official. And this year’s tournament will break record in participating nations. It’s the teams and participants from all over the world, who make the tournament unique and therefore we are glad to present three new Gothia Cup-nations this year: Cambodia, Nepal and Vietnam. See the groups stage.

“Gothia Cup aims to be a meeting place for the youth of the world, where we through football can learn about each other, and that way create a better understanding for each other. Therefore, it means a lot to be able to welcome new nations in to the Gothia Cup community”, says Niclas Freiholtz.

Around 1,730 teams, 40 000 participants, will play this year’s Gothia Cup, on a total of 102 pitches in Gothenburg, Mölndal and Kungsbacka. New playing fields 2017 are Kobbens IP, Apelsinplan and Gröna Vallen.

Another big news this year, is that our live streaming of around 1,300 games will be shown for free. Through a cooperation with our Main Partner, SKF, Gothia Cup is proud to present the availability to take part of our tournament, even if you don’t have to possibility to be in Gothenburg, 16–22 of July.

Facts Gothia Cup 2017

Participating teams: 1,730 teams.
Participators (players and coaches): 40,000 people.
Participators, including companions: 52,300 people.
Nations: 82 nations.
New nations 2017: Cambodia, Nepal and Vietnam.
Participants since the start in 1975: 1,080,000 participants.
Nations since the start in 1975: 146 nations.
Pitches: 102 pitches.
New playing fields in 2017: Kobbens IP, Apelsinplan and Gröna Vallen.
School accommodations: 60 schools.
Hotels: 34 hotels.
Number of games: Around 4,300 games.
Live streamed games: Around 1,300 games, shown for free.
Boys/girls: 70/30 percent.
Main Partner: SKF.
Official Partners: Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Turkish Airlines, Liseberg, Opel, Umbro, Tipselit.
Visitors Gothia Heden Center 2016: 420,000 people.
Visitors Gothia Kviberg Center 2016: 200,000 people.
Visitors Gothia Opening Ceremony 2016: 51,220 people.
Visitors gold medal games 2016: 37,520 people.

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