Gothia Cup improves the world through football

Gothia Cup is a meeting place for the world’s children and adolescents – but not all people have the same possibilities to education and an active life, or the opportunity to come to Gothenburg and participate in The World Youth Cup.
In Gothia Cup Foundation, we improve the world through football, and give children and adolescents the opportunity to meet, regardless of religion, culture or social conditions.

More than a million players, from a total of 140 countries, have participated in Gothia Cup. At the world’s largest football tournament for adolescents, people meet every year with football as the common denominator and uniting power. All these meetings lead to lifelong friendships and brings hope of a better future.
But not all children and adolescents have the opportunity to play football. With focus on sustainability and community, Gothia Cup engages in a collection of projects around the world, to give children and adolescents the possibility to education and an active life in their everyday life – and an experience for life in Gothenburg at the Gothia Cup.

In Gothia Cup Foundation, we improve the world through football. The different projects are:
* SKF Meet The World – Together with our main partner, SKF, Gothia Cup runs the “Meet The World” qualifying tournaments, held in around 20 countries globally. 3000 adolescents have been to Gothenburg as members of winning teams to play the Gothia Cup.
* CF Gothia Brazzaville – In Congo Brazzaville, Gothia Cup runs the sports academy CF Gothia, together with the Uniting Church in Sweden. Around 300 boys and girls are enrolled at the school. Every day they play sports and participate in social activities to learn about democracy and equality, with focus on maturing and developing as humans with good values.
* Kim Källström Trophy – Since 2011, The Kim Källström Trophy gives young people with some form of intellectual disability the opportunity to participate in the Gothia Cup, as well as building a more inclusive and tolerant society, not just in Sweden but around the world.
* Gothia Cup Fundraising Program – Each year, the Gothia Cup assists teams to come to the tournament, through participation and travel grants given to teams that otherwise would not have had the opportunity to participate in the World Youth Cup.

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