• The Games

    The Games

    More than 4500 games are played

The Matches

The match is central during the Gothia Cup. It is the reason why you are here. In total 4 000 matches are being played during the week. That is a huge figure that requires a lot of logistics. But it usually works out. In fact, it has always worked out. Even in years when awful weather threw a spanner into the works.

Almost 100 fields are required. Additionally there has to be about 50 spare fields. Nowadays only a few spare fields are gravel ground. All regular matches are being played on nature grass or artificial turf.

The statistics show that about half of the matches in the boys’ categories are being played between teams from different countries. For the girls the corresponding number is approximately 25 %. Some of the teams undoubtedly belong to the best in the world in their age group. Others might have difficulties to assert themselves in their local series. Most of the teams consider advancement to the A-Playoff a great success while others get disappointed if they do not reach the final. All together these factors make the Gothia Cup so unique. You have no idea about the opposing teams and its qualities and you have no idea about how your team will assert itself in the competition.

The group of referees is rarely mentioned. That means as long as they don’t make mistakes. The 500 referees that are engaged during the Gothia Cup week are indispensible for the tournament. They are recruited from all over Sweden. All of them have long experience of refereeing youth football and some even of senior football.

On the field there are two teams and one referee (quite many matches also have assistant referees). Sometimes the referee makes a wrong decision, sometimes a player misses a penalty kick and sometimes the coach gives incorrect instructions. If we assume that no one is flawless it will be a much better atmosphere in and around the matches.

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