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    Winners 2016

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    FC Rosengård

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    Paris Saint-Germain

    Winners 2014

Gothia Tipselit Trophy (G17)

Gothia Tipselit Trophy will take place during the Gothia World Youth Cup. Gothia Tipselit Trophy is a professional tournament with only high quality international youth teams for Europe’s best 17 year olds. 8 teams from Sweden plays against 8 invited teams from the rest of the world.

The teams participating in this category have been specially invited. The Swedish teams have been invited by EFD (Womens Elite football Association for Sweden). The international teams are invited by Gothia Cup.

The tournament is played during the Gothia Cup week (July 16-22, 2017). The games are played at Valhalla IP and Heden.

The tournament stated in 2014 and was a success from the first year. From the start the interest in the tournament has only increased. Gothia Tipselit Trophy (G17) 2017 will be the third time the tournament takes place. Teams that have celebrated victory in past editions are Paris Saint-Germain, QBIK and FC Rosengård.


Place and date

Gothenburg, Sweden, July 16–22, 2017

Age group number of players

Girls born 1st January 2000 and later. It is also allowed to use a maximum of three (3) players born 1st January 1999 and later. Each team may register a maximum of 18 players.

Tournament regulations

The teams are divided into groups of 4. All teams meet in a round robin series. The winner in each group plays quarterfinal A. The second place a quarterfinal B etc. There will be one game each day for all the teams (Monday–Thursday).

Playing period

2 x 30 minutes.

Playing fields

All games are played at fields in the city centre and are played on astroturf.


The teams are lodged at common school in classrooms. All delegates receive beds and bedding. 3 meals a day are served at the school. Please contact Gothia Cup for hotel alternatives. The meal program starts with dinner on the 16th and ends with lunch on the 22nd. Various activities will also take place.

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