Celebrate the Game

Celebrate The Game

A fair play project
Celebrate the Game is a Fair Play project that Gothia Cup runs to create a better environment for everyone both on and off the playing fields. The project consists of several parts with different focus areas and will gradually expand. During the Gothia Cup in 2016, the following was launched under the name Celebrate the Game.


A movie from our Celebrate the Game campain 2016

The Campaign

Celebrate The Game
During Gothia Cup we carried out the campaign “Please Remember” which consisted of a billboard with some small but yet so important messages.
This is Youth Football, This is Only a Game, The coaches are volunteers, The Referees are human.
The signs could be seen around all the playing fields as well as in most of Gothenburg’s bus and tram stops. The campaign was also carried out with excellent results on social media, where participants and visitors posed with the sign.

During the opening ceremony a Celebrate The Game number was also presented. In a humorous way we shown different behaviors during a match.

Fair Play Trophy

Fair Play Trophy is a prize awarded to teams in the Gothia Cup. In order to be nominated the team must demonstrate a particularly good behavior during the Gothia Cup. The team will throughout the tournament act in an exemplary manner towards both opponents as referees and other officials. Even the team’s supporters have to spread good energy and contribute to a good atmosphere around the team, and its games.
The teams will be nominated by the referees as well as the match delegates.
Here are winners of 2016:
San Francisco Seals (USA), Vänersborgs FK (Sweden), Lösenskog IF (Norway), Prep Scholl Lion (England), Lilla Torg FF (Sweden), Skiold SBK Team 2 (Norway).

Match delegates

In order to maintain Fair Play, we believe it is important that there are always people on site to observe and report. During Gothia Cup there are Match monitors in and around match areas. The match monitors are in place to support the players, coaches, referees and officials.

Referee observers

To help referees to develop, feel safe and motivated, we have referee observers on all match areas. The focus is on young and new referees that together with the observer can evaluate their efforts and continue to develop.
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